Jay and two bits of luggage #7 – Error in judgment, or simply an error in risk management?

Feel like an ass?

Italy turned out to be a bust. I’ve been without internet for 2 weeks now, and my productivity has fallen to a tenth of what it was. Seriously. It takes hours to negotiate with the local public wifi for an available ip. Often to no avail.

Linux Mint threw a fit after eating up a misplaced update two days ago, and ended up needing a reinstall. With these third world internet connections, I only just got the system back up.

As a final insult, my phone has been dropping from networks because the Italian operators don’t seem to like roaming connections. It’s like the whole country is against my being here!
After a quick rehash of my situation, a few things became abundantly clear:

1. I need to get *the fuck out* of Italy.

2. I need my own space and a good internet connection.

3. I need to stay somewhat near Venice, to catch that flight to Miami in April.
So I had a chat with the mother of the family. While we could have a blast hanging out as adults, we agreed it’d be best if I take my leave from this babysitter role, which I’m clearly not suited for. I thought that’s fair, and the best decision at this stage, before we’re at each other’s throats!

Lack of internet leaves time to catch up on Modern Family

I thanked her for the opportunity. After all, it was a great experience. She thanked me for giving it my best. I think I might drop by some day, years from now, to say hello.

So. Chin up! I start looking through Croatian workaway-ads and airbnb-apartments. Something good, something not so good.. nothing excellent. Up the coastline and .. hey what’s this little country here?


Wait. How did I forget Slovenia? Gearheads live in Slovenia. Maribor is a big Alpine resort-town. I wonder what sort of leads I can pull towards Slovenia?

Thanks for giving me fucking unstackable cups!

Some 15 minutes of IRC-chat later, a couple of friends are welcoming me into their country with open arms, AND arrange this awesomely cute alpine villa-apartment in Maribor for me! Friends.. can’t wait to see some friends for a change. Some *peers*, even. I’m becoming a frickin’ social recluse in this dark age-village.

Budapest seems like a distant dream now.

Never again. I need to find out some way to make small cash. This workaway gig isn’t my thing at all. It’s a good thing Tim Ferriss and the 4 hour work week are keeping me motivated.

I’d tell you about all the lovely Italian girls I’ve been meeting, but honestly I’ve been so stuck up trying to find 15 minutes of working wifi a day that I haven’t had the energy to make any approaches.

What a rough week. What a rough two weeks, even! But alright, let’s focus on the positives:

1. I reached way past my comfort zone!

2. I got to try some Italian delicacies, like cheeses and pastas. The whole culture DOES make sense, when you slow down and take in the scenery for a while. Not my cuppa tea, though. Not now.

3. I’m learning tons. Making mistakes is part of the journey, and this was a giant learning experience.
I hope they find a better nanny.

IMG_20150315_165756 IMG_20150315_154948 IMG_20150314_152715 IMG_20150314_135850


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