Digital Nomad tip #2 –

Getting your online business running isn’t the easiest task in the world. And none of us have bottomless pockets to run from airbnb to airbnb and hope for free lunches.

Here’s a few sites that’ll help you travel smart and cheap, while still keeping a fair amount of freedom and time to work on your business and income.

It seems like an established authority site, with hosts offering jobs such as hostel workers, farm hands, language teaching jobs, helping hand jobs, maintenance jobs, and others. For a 23€ yearly fee, you can join as an applicant for these jobs. Usually work hours are some 20 hours/week at 5 hours a day, but this varies a lot. Compensation comes in the form of accommodation and food.
And as there’s no wages paid or formal contracts made, considering your stay in the country is otherwise legal, you do not need a working visa either!
I see this as nothing else but an altogether fair deal for both parties. You get to see the world and meet people for as near free as possible, and hosts around the world get much needed help in whatever project they have going on.
So take a break from your ratrace job, grab a cheap flight, and go out there to see the world. For free as well!

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